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"Sir Walter" Premium Lawn Turf

Shademaster Buffalo

Shademaster Buffalo is a variety of Soft Leaf Buffalo which has a broad and long coarse leaf. It is good in high traffic as it is a very fast grower. It will loose its colour and turn purple in winter.

Preparation: Before laying your lawn you should ensure that your soil base is approximately 1in.(2.5cm.) below surrounding mowing strips and drive-ways. You should fertilise your base with a low nitrogen, multi-nutrient fertiliser such as Sir Walter Fertiliser (Available in 10kg bucket covering approximately 400m2 for $40, a 4kg bucket coevering approximately 150m2 for $23, or Sir Launcher, containing Nutrients, Fertiliser and Moisture magnets, 3kg that will cover approximately 100m2 for $33. These products can be orderd online at our online lawn care store and have it couriered to your door.), or Dynamic Lifter.

Laying should start with one strip of turf being placed around the perimeter, then proceeding along the longest edge, across the slope in a brick work fashion, filling in any irregular gaps around the edges at the end.

Maintenance: After laying your new lawn, it can be top dressed (especially in the hotter months) or at least place soil on the joints between each strip of turf, this helps to maintain the moisture around the newly laid turf. As Buffalo is slow growing after being transplanted it requires extra care (especially water) for the first few weeks. Buffalo should be kept moist, so depending on the weather, up to 10hrs. watering per day may be required. A soaker hose is the preferred method of watering as they keep the turf moist with the minimum amount of water and hence, the least amount of flooding in the sub-soil area.
Shademaster Buffalo
Winter colour purple
Wear resistance good
Salt tolerance good
Drought tolerance good
Recovery from injury very good
Mowing height 20 - 25 mm
Suitable uses home lawns, commercial parks
Buffalo grass can be "killed with kindness". Once established your buffalo lawn will grow vigorously except if it is fertilised heavily during hot-humid weather. This can cause a fungus disease called "Grey Leaf Spot". For this reason we do not recommend that you fertilise your lawn heavily between December and March. Buffalo requires little fertiliser and water once it is established, so concentrate on fertilising during spring and autumn.
Shademaster Buffalo tends to get a purple colouring in the leaf tip during the cold months if kept short and not fertilised. If this is ascetically a problem, it can be cured by increasing the mowing height before winter and fertilising, thus allowing enough length in your lawn to mow off the purple tips during winter.

Where Shademaster Buffalo is in a very shady position it should be kept longer (50mm) at all times to allow more leaf growth to compensate for the lack of sun light.

In spring your Buffalo lawn (as with any lawn) should be mown very low and fertilised. This removes the thatch that has built up in your lawn and allows new stolon growth. This practise has the same affect as top dressing, but is easier and allows your existing lawn height to be maintained.
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