How do I calculate how many m² I need?

Multiply two sides together ie: 18m x 7m = 126m². For irregular sites divide up into smaller squares/or triangles, calculate each individual area then add them together.

How is turf sold?

At Buchanan Turf we harvest out turf in tiles for ease of laying.
2 Turf Tiles = 1m²
400mm wide x 1250mm long
25mm (1inch) thick
( Each tile weighs about 8.5kg when dry)

What days can I get turf delivered?

Turf is only delivered to the local area on Weekdays.

Do I need to be home to get my turf delivered ?

No, the turf is delivered and placed with a forklift kerbside on your nature strip, or on your drive. If you ask the driver to place on your property you do so at your own risk.

Can I specify a time for delivery?

No, we are not able to schedule a specific delivery time. We can assure you it will be delivered on the day requested by you. It is dependent on traffic on the day, as well as the run put together after all orders are in.

Can I get my soil and grass delivered in the same truck?

Unfortunately not, the turf comes from the turf farm on a large semi-trailer. The soil comes on a small tipper so that it can be tipped as close to the area requested as possible

How much grass can I fit into a box trailer?

About 30m² of Buffalo, or 40m² of Kikuyu or Couch into a standard size box trailer.
In saying that it is also dependent on the springs of your trailer and whether the turf is wet or not, as it is heavier when wet than dry.

How long after the turf is ordered is it delivered?

It is advisable to order at least 2 days before you want to lay to ensure a spot on the truck. You can place your order up till Noon the day before for most areas, however it is dependent on availability of space and of course weather. When the truck is full, the truck is full !

What happens if it rains?

Your order will stay in the system and will be delivered at the earliest opportunity after the date ordered unless another day is requested.

Do you deliver to the Central Coast and the Upper Hunter ?

Yes we certainly do. We regularly deliver from Muswellbrook as far south as the Brooklyn Bridge. Delivery fees apply. Ask us…. We‘re here to help.

How do I know what time I can pick up my turf?

Turf is normally delivered to our outlets in the morning, so you can pick up your turf after lunch. Please phone and check before picking up to ensure it has been delivered from the farm.

Can I pay for my turf when I pick it up?

No, your turf must be paid for at time of order.

Do you have a supply and lay service?

Yes we do, through our partnership with Lee Rowan’s Gardenworld we are able to offer a Supply, Prep and Lay, or just Supply & Lay. However there are minimums and it is site dependent, so you may require an onsite quote for this service.