What type of soil should I use?

We recommend Lee Rowan’s Lush Lawn Underlay but any type of soil from a sandy loam to an Oakhampton brown soil can be used provided there is good drainage.

Should I compact any new soil I put in before laying my turf?

It is wise to either roll or compact, (level) your soil before laying new turf. Your soil should be firm underfoot, so that your footprint marks, but does not sink into the soil. If your ground is too soft you will end up with depressions and an uneven surface.

If I have a good soil do I still need to buy some lawn underlay before laying new turf?

Yes, even if you have relatively good soil we would recommend you spread a thin layer of a customised underlay.

I am in a new estate and all the good soil has been stripped away. Do I need to put more than 50mm of Underlay in?

Yes, unfortunately a lot of new estates are stripped of their natural soil to reveal a clay, or hard rock surface. If this is the case you will need to use at least 100mm of a good quality underlay. If you don’t you may get some grass to grow but you will have problems over the years maintaining it. Pay particular attention to drainage as this could be another problem for you down the track.

Do I need to put any special soil in low lying areas before I lay my turf?

If you are laying turf on a slope and the runoff water to the bottom of the slope is quite considerable then you will need to provide a sump pit, or ag drain at the bottom of the slope. If the run off isn’t too bad then some ash will help with drainage.

Should I add gypsum to help a clay soil before laying turf?

Whilst gypsum will help break up your clay, it will not provide your new lawn with the nutrients it needs to establish itself. We would recommend a customised underlay, like Lee Rowan’s Lush Lawn Underlay that has some gypsum, ash & grey soil to help with drainage but also trace elements to provide food.

Can I lay my turf on sand?

Yes, but you will need to put an organic fertiliser such as chicken manure down first before laying the turf. Remember a lawn is only as good as its’ foundations.

Can I use the Topdressing soil I bought for my lawn in my garden?

No Top Dressing has been designed specifically for lawns. It contains too much nitrogen for your plants and the poultry manure may burn your plants, especially if you have natives.

How much Top Dressing should I put on my lawn?

You should mow your lawn short first and then spread your top dressing over to a depth of approximately 15mm. You should still be able to see your blades of grass through it. Always water in immediately after.

I have weeds in my soil, how do I get rid of them before laying new lawn?

If you only have a few you can remove by hand, however if more than just a few you will need to spray with a glyphosate herbicide at least 2-3 weeks before beginning to prepare your area for turf.