Lawn Care

Where you live and the climate of that area will largely determine the type of lawn you choose, as well as how you should maintain it to keep it healthy. We are all affected by the seasons and for any lawn to succeed you should plan your maintenance around them. Much of your lawn’s success depends on where the lawn is, how much sun it gets, and the amount of water and nutrients it receives. Bearing that in mind we have compiled a seasonal guide with some tips to help you care for your lawn. Of course, this is a general guide and is dependent on your location as well.

Spring Lawn Care

  • Spring Clean – check for any weeds and remove or “spot” kill before they take hold with a herbicide
  • Dethatch your lawn by mowing it low (approx. 25mm)
  • Aerate your lawn with a fork as to avoid compaction
  • Feed your lawn with a fertiliser, or alternately you can top dress every few years

Summer Lawn Care

  • Water well – less frequent deeper soakings
  • Fertilise again preferably with a product that has a wetting agent in it such as Lawn Rescue.
  • Mow regularly at the correct height ( a bit longer in summer)
  • Keep an eye out for fungus if it is a hot, wet summer.

Autumn Lawn Care

  • Fertilise while the weather is still warm to prepare your lawn for winter
  • Mow a little less frequently leaving your grass a little longer
  • Check for lawn grubs, or other pests often prevalent in autumn. Treat them as soon as you notice any discolouration or droppings to minimise their effect.

Winter Lawn Care

  • Keep your lawn longer in winter for protection
  • Water less frequently, reprogram your irrigation system for less watering if you have one.
  • Any moss build up means poor drainage or not enough sun so address these problems if you have them.
  • You lawn will be dormant so will require little mowing.

For more information on how to lay and look after your lawn see below….