Just like the plants in your garden your lawn needs nutrients to look good and stay healthy. Whether you have a Kikuyu, Bermuda or Buffalo lawn there are still guidelines that will help it survive the wind, heat and drought. Mark your calendar so that you develop a regular fertilising schedule for your lawn. It will save you time and money in the long run. It’s always best to fertilise small sections at a time if you have a large lawn.

Before even laying your lawn we suggest Sir Launcher, which is a fertiliser with trace elements & moisture magnets to get any lawn off to a great start. They say timing is everything….

Basically there are two types of fertilisers you can use.


Liquid fertilisers are generally very high in nitrogen and are easily ingested through the leaves of the grass. They give an instant boost of growth and colour, so long as there is growth occurring. Products such as Nitrosol & Powerfeed will enhance soil fertility by encouraging beneficial soil micro organisms. A combination product containing liquid fertiliser along with organic seaweed extracts and a wetting agent will work wonders, to help bring some colour and life back after the stress of winter. A maintenance feed of Lawn Rescue is ideal for the summer months if the weather is hot and dry. It will feed and drought proof your lawn better than any other product on the market.


FertilisersWhen applying a granular fertiliser, don’t forget to water both before and after you apply it. By leaving the fertiliser on the leaves, you’ll risk leaf burn. Check the packaging of your product, just to be sure. There’s nothing worse than ending up with a brown lawn when what you are really trying to achieve is lush green! We recommend Sir Walter Fertiliser as it can be used on all types of lawn, is very economical and will provide your lawn with all the essential nutrients needed for premium growth. Scott’s Lawn Builder is another fertilising product that enhances root growth, while fertilising at the same time.


At Buchanan Turf we advise not to fertilise your lawn if the weather is really hot, although some warmth in the soil is required for any fertiliser to work. Early morning is a great time to fertilise if the weather is warmer and of course when it is raining to save on water !!

We recommend you fertilise your lawn 3 times a year in October, December and late March /early April. Fertilising your lawn is very weather dependant and also relies on the nutrient levels of your soil. Sir Grange and TifTuf Bermuda lawns require less frequent fertilising, only once per year in late autumn.

Have a look at your lawn, if it is a little jaded then it may need some food.

We also recommend you topdress your lawn every 3 years in spring. This will not only feed your lawn but even out any dips and hollows. Lee Rowan’s Rocket Top Dressing is the perfect soil- free mix of nutrients and should be applied in September for maximum effect.