Water is a very important factor in your lawn care routine. Irrigation systems can make watering a breeze and are much easier to install before laying your new lawn. There are various systems available for different situations but basically consist of an underground tubing that is connected to a water source. You can install a timer, or they can be manually operated, or even computerised. Whilst a drip system can be used, at Buchanan Turf we prefer an overhead sprinkling system, which ensures the water is covering all of the lawn.


watering sprinkler

It is paramount that you give your new lawn a thorough soaking immediately after you lay it. If you are laying a large area watering should commence as soon as one section is completed. (A soaker hose is ideal for this). For the first two weeks your new lawn requires extra care (especially water). Initially  your lawn should be kept moist, so depending on the weather, up to 4hrs watering per day may be required if hot and dry. Otherwise regular daily watering until root growth has established is all that is necessary, depending on the season and weather conditions at the time you are laying. Taper your watering off gradually to allow your new lawn to become acquainted with its’ new surroundings.


Early in the morning or late afternoon/early evening are the best times to water to avoid water loss through evaporation. If you live in a warm, humid area however, watering in the evening may promote some fungal problems, so it’s advisable to water in the mornings.


Weather conditions dictate the amount and frequency of watering. Over watering is a complete waste and should be avoided. It’s not good for your lawn, or your hip pocket. One thing all the experts agree on is that less frequent, deeper watering is the way to go, rather than regular shallow watering. By watering less frequently but for longer, you get the water deep down into the soil, which encourages a stronger and deeper root system that is better equipped to deal with dry periods. This takes a little bit of lawn training and for new lawns should be done gradually.


Wetting agents are great for water conservation and can be used on new and established lawns. They attract water to the soil particles making them particularly suited to sandy soils. For new lawns the use of Sir Launcher crystals before laying will help your lawn retain its’ moisture longer.