Weeds, Pests and Diseases are something that will be part of your lawn’s life cycle. However there are ways to help prevent them from taking control. At Buchanan Turf we have combined with Lee Rowan’s Gardenworld to offer you the best expert advice to help you keep your lawn healthy.  A healthy, well maintained lawn is the best preventive, with early detection the key to keeping it that way. We also offer a large range of products that will help you cure or prevent problems with your lawn. If you are unsure of what is causing your problem take a couple of photos, (close up and long distance) and Email your enquiry… we’re here to help. Weeds close up

Weed Control

Weeds are very easily dispersed, so are almost impossible to eradicate completely. A longer lawn, with a dense growth habit helps in outperforming weeds, while an aerated soil is a much better option than a compacted soil. In saying this, weeds can be transferred on shoes, in manure, with animals, or even the mower. Common weeds such as dandelion, bindii, clover and creeping oxalis are all treatable. Some can be removed by hand but often a weed spray is the preferred and better option.

You need to check the suitability of the product you are using for the weed you are trying to remove. Some are not suitable for different varieties of lawn. The harder to remove onion weed, paspalum, winter grass and nutgrass can also be dealt with. View our Weed Control products.

Pest Control

Keep your eyes peeled at all times for pests attacking your lawn. Often damage is not always obvious initially and is only visible on closer inspection, so it’s wise to inspect your lawn regularly for any damage. In general terms if you keep your lawn fed well and healthy, pests will leave you alone, remember they mainly attack lawns that are weak or under stress.

Armyworm, sod webworm and cutworms are all surface dwelling worms that often appear after you notice moths around your lawn. If you then develop brown patches and grass runners start to disappear, there is every chance you could have an infestation of grubs. A quick way to check is to pour a bucket of warm soapy water over the infected area in the late afternoon. They will literally “come up for air”. To get rid of any type of lawn grub, or other lawn pests you will need to apply a suitable insecticide. What is attacking your lawn will depend on the control measure to use but we have a number of Pest Control options that you can use against these nasties. Remember once you have treated the condition follow up with Sir Walter Fertiliser to help your lawn regain its’ strength and vitality again.


Many fungal conditions develop because the weather is hot and humid, while others set in because of lack of sunlight and dampness. You can avoid this somewhat by having adequate drainage to start with and by avoiding watering in the evening. Often mistaken for lawn grubs, a brown patch in your lawn can be evidence of a fungal disease instead. Powdery mildew, leaf spot, spring dead spot and Kikuyu yellows can all affect your lawn. The good news is that if you choose the correct variety of lawn in the first place, then you greatly reduce the chances of get any diseases. If you need a cure we offer a range of Fungicides to get your lawn healthy again.