“Soils” aren’t just “Soils”, they are the foundations of your lawn or garden. Your soil may be sandy or clay based, or you may be lucky enough to have a loam based soil that holds its’ structure well. Before you lay any new lawn you need to check the soil that will be underneath it.

A good soil for laying turf on will have a mixture of sand, silt, organic matter and clay to provide the nutrients as well as aid drainage. We recommend Lee’s Lush Lawn Underlay at a depth of 50mm to help establish your new lawn. Alternately if you are sculpting a golf course backyard then we would recommend an Oakhampton soil that allows for drainage but holds its’ structure really well.

If you are top dressing your lawn a river sand/organic soil mix is the perfect combination. Lee’s Rocket Top Dressing will promote strong quick growth, at the same time providing your lawn with the essentials to keep it a lush green colour. Topdressing should only be done in the warmer months, usually late August through to March.

Soils vary a lot because of the proportions that are mixed together, so buy your soil from a local supplier that knows your area. Soil can be purchased by the scoop, or cubic metre, with bulk quantities catered for at special discount prices. At Lee Rowan’s Gardenworld Warners Bay, or Ourimbah there is a drive through facility so you can pick up your soil, or better still take advantage of their fast, reliable delivery service.