Selecting the right lawn for your lifestyle and location can be the difference between a great lawn and a troublesome one. There are many different varieties of turf on the market that are suited to just as many different locations and climatic conditions. We’ve spent years growing and researching turf to get it just right. Climate of course is the governing factor with the amount of sun and shade, as well as salt spray, frost and the amount of rain.

Your lifestyle is another determining factor, depending on the usage of the lawn. Pets and children often need to be considered, as well as pools and gardens.


The look of your lawn and how it feels underfoot is more important if it is a large area, as is your budget.

It’s also important to recognise that in some instances, such as areas with extremely high traffic and complete lack of sunlight, synthetic lawn could be an alternative. If you need more help in choosing the right lawn for your yard, speak to one of our trained lawn specialists.

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