There are many different types of lawn available. At Buchanan Turf we think we grow the best of each variety! (Sir Walter is still Australia’s No 1 Lawn). Different varieties of turf suit different locations and usages. You need to look at the intending use for your lawn, especially how much wear and tear, as well as maintenance requirements and of course the amount of sun and shade.

In order to make it easier for you we have 2 graphs below that illustrate the differences between our 4 turf varieties – Sir Walter Buffalo, Sir Grange, TifTuf Bermuda & Eureka Kikuyu. This independent research reveals the strengths and weaknesses of each variety at a glance, so you are able to choose the right lawn for your backyard. If you have full sun all day you can grow nearly any lawn, however if your area is shady Kikuyu grass will struggle to look good. An investment in a shade tolerant grass like Sir Walter or Sir Grange would be the best decision in this case, even though it may be a more expensive option at the start. Sir Grange can tolerate as little as 3 hours sun per day.

The higher the column in the graph the better the product has performed in that particular situation.

Maintenance of your lawn is very important as a healthy lawn will repel weeds and diseases. Mowing and watering are your major time users, so any vigorous growing lawn will require more of both of these. Sir Walter Buffalo, Sir Grange and TifTuf require less watering and less mowing than the faster growing Eureka Kikuyu. Kikuyu is cheaper for turf farmers to grow, so it is naturally cheaper for the customer but requires far more maintenance (refer to chart below). Sir Grange is the slowest growing grass requiring up to 50% less mowing than faster growing varieties.

For your average backyard lawn you are best to look at climatic conditions first, then what you are using your lawn for. For larger properties, playing fields, etc cost is a major factor, so provided you have the correct amount of sunlight the variety you choose really is a personal choice. If you need more help in selecting the right lawn for your backyard ask us….we’re here to help.